Why Get a CarReport?

  • 55% of all cars specs are incomplete or incorrect – CarReport supplies you with a list of vehicle specifications to ensure that you have the correct details before purchasing the vehicle.
  • 72% of buyers never negotiate on price of a vehicle use - CarReport provide valuable information which allows and helps you negotiate with the seller.
  • 54% of all used cars in UAE have negative history - A majority of all used UAE cars have either been in accidents, been stolen, been flooded, salvaged and rebuilt. CarReport helps you identify hidden problems with used cars so you don’t lose money.
  • Vehicle Specification – CarReport offers the best available vehicle specifications for the vehicles available in the market.
  • Check for “Mileage Rollback” – this is the act of deliberately tampering with the mileage recorded by the odometer in a vehicle. Tampering with the mileage of a vehicle is extremely dangerous since it prevents the correct regular checks and maintenance from being performed on the vehicle, significantly increasing the chance of having an accident whilst being driven. CarReport compares the mileage on the vehicle, reported by the report buyer, against the average mileage for the particular vehicle. Buyers should not rush into buying cars with extremely low mileage compared to the average, instead some standard questions such as “Why is the mileage so low on this vehicle” can go a long way to avoiding being a victim of such a scheme.
  • Check for Accidents – Buying a second hand car which has been in an accident can lead to costly problems.
  • Finance Quote – saves you time and will help you purchase the vehicle sooner by clicking the ‘Get Free Quotation’ button to passed to one of our verified partners.
  • Insurance Quote – save time and purchase your car insurance quickly and easily by clicking the ‘Get Free Quotation’ button to passed to one of our verified partners.